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A television movie.

Story, treatment and screenplay.


A secret allied weapon is developed in the heart of one of the world's most incredible castles. A scientist, a big band conductor and the woman they both loved.  And, in a time gone crazy, the music made them lovers.

Helen Eberly

Young and beautiful with a heart of gold and a voice to match. Helen finds the man of her dreams on a radio bandstand and a spy and dead body and a crazy sense of humor.

The Castle

Upstairs:  music, dancing, international guests.  Downstairs: secret laboratory, scientists, military personnel, spies. 

Casa Loma Big Band

Singer Helen Eberly romances a tune and band leader Ray Armstrong while her snappy humor lightens the darkest moments.

Ray Armstrong

Internationally-known Big Band Leader.


The sought-after invention the Allies need to save lives and ships.  The invention Nazis would stop at nothing to steal.

Peter J. Restivo


Four-time EMMY winner brings mystery, comedy, romance to WWII drama.